Want a Great Company To Work With?

Could you ever believe a home contractor would actually do what they say they would do? Work hard, do beautiful work, and clean up their mess? Be on time (and I don’t mean “I’ll be there sometime between 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. “), I mean when they say they will be there at 8:00 A.M., and actually show up at 7:45? If that surprises you, hire Norcon Home Solutions, they are terrific.

We had them do a complete roofing and siding job on a 15 year old house, and I must say, neighbors are taking pictures of our house and having theirs redone!! They have a team that does everything from siding, brickwork, roofing, and much more. We were so happy with the outside work, we had them re-do two bathrooms six months later (you should see the pictures)! We delayed these projects through years of procrastination, and 4 different bids with other contractors, for fear of a royal mess, both in the yard and in our savings account.

Norcon Home Solutions did a better job than I imagined, and they were actually competitive. They matched and beat the other guys, in quality of work as well as price. Do it right, hire Norcon Home Solutions!


A Word From The Lattners

During the Memorial Day weekend of 2008 we experienced significant damage to our home from tornado related hail. Norcon Home Solutions provided us with outstanding quality and service. We are pleased to submit a high recommendation based on the service that was performed. We spent a large amount of time researching our options for contractors. Greg interviewed around 15 different contractors, developed a detailed questionnaire in an Excel spreadsheet, and followed a similar process used by some manufacturing engineers to document and compare answers to relevant questions.

We had never used a contractor on the exterior of our home before and it was quite an education. We found a wide disparity in the contracting industry in the level of professionalism, quality of workmanship, honesty and integrity, and communication and interpersonal skills. Norcon Home Solutions surfaced in this rigorous process as the highest ranking on multiple individual dimensions and the highest overall ranking. More important than winning the contract was what we learned as the work began and was completed. We were very interested to see how the work would be done.

The workmanship from Norcon Home Solutions had very high quality. The communications were handled exceptionally well. We avoided many hassles that we heard about from our neighbors and friends by hiring a contractor that set the standards high and had the competency to communicate well. Kristina especially appreciated the staff’s consistently courteous manners and social etiquette. Greg appreciated the high quality, hard work, and attention to details. All aspects of the job were covered with the same high level of quality.

We actually got to know the specialized teams that work with Norcon Home Solutions. We communicated with them briefly without distracting them. Kristina offered them refreshments because she is from Germany, where this is the custom. They showed us how they handle the many various hidden details of exterior home contracting. They explained that not every general contractor allows them to take the time or materials to perform all of these details correctly. Norcon Home Solutions is unique in setting the quality standards consistent and high, and they enjoyed the opportunity to do things right and take pride in their work.

Friends and visitors frequently comment about how beautiful our house looks now. We spent considerable time researching colors and materials with Norcon Home Solutions to model our home after architectural designs we know in Europe. Norcon Home Solutions had what we considered to be the best ideas on how to complete the look and design to model our home in this pattern.

We hope this brief letter provides you with the confidence to proceed with Norcon Home Solutions on your project. We are happy to take phone calls or visits from potential customers of Norcon Home Services due to our great satisfaction and pride in the quality of their work.


We'd give Norcon six stars if we could

We have used Norcon Home Solutions for a number of home improvement and repair projects over the past few years. Doug and his Norcon team have re-roofed our house, our freestanding shop, and a small storage barn in the back yard. Norcon pulled all of our permits and oversaw all of our inspections. On another project, the Norcon team stripped and replaced damaged siding sections from our 42-year-old home while upgrading the siding to code and replacing chimney and skylight flashing that had failed.

Last year, Norcon pre-measured, ordered, and installed new windows, which was much less fuss than we had feared; even the window trim all stayed up inside and outside. Every project Norcon has performed for us has been completed on time and for the price quoted before the work started. All of our questions are answered promptly before the work begins, and cleanup is prompt and complete.

What’s more, we don’t like assuming debt; Norcon has been willing to do the smaller projects we can afford when we can afford them, which we continue to appreciate. We’d give Norcon six stars if we could. We anticipate using Norcon for future projects and recommend this company without reservation.