Windows beautify your home and help to give it curb appeal. However, that beauty doesn’t last forever due to cracks or corrosion. There are several things to consider when deciding on new windows. The following information should help you in selecting the right style of window as well as what to expect during the installation process.

When to Install a New Window

Installing a new window rather than replacing an existing one is a more complex job that requires careful planning and design. As a homeowner, you should really think what the main purpose of building a new window is as it pertains to that room or area. Are you wanting to bring more natural light or fresh air inside during the warmer months of the year? Maybe you’d like to open some sight lines while entertaining guests during get togethers and family gatherings. Understanding your goal with such a project will help determine the size and type of window you should install.

Choosing a window

Once you’ve made this decision, you’ll have to choose an appropriate window. Larger styles like bay windows allow for much visibility at different angles. On the other hand, a sliding window might be the perfect choice when you have less space to work with. You can choose between frosted panels, glossy windows and windows with borders.

When you speak to one of our window experts at Norcon Home Solutions, we’ll provide recommendations based on your needs and budget constraints. There are many options to choose from which can make it an overwhelming process. However, with our more than 23 years of experience we’re confident in finding a style that you’ll love. No matter what window design you decide upon, we’ll make sure it’s the perfect size and fit for your home.

The installation process

The framing of the window is perhaps the most difficult part of installation. Depending on the location of where you’d like the new window placed, existing studs may be used if possible. If not our skilled contractors have a variety of options to install your new window by code.

It’s important that the structural integrity of the wall featuring your new window remains intact. Our engineers take all the necessary precautions to ensure your new window installation is as safe as it is beautiful. You can take comfort in knowing that we stand by our work as evidenced by our A+ rating with the BBB.

While installation of a new window can be a difficult task, the team at Norcon Home Solutions are experts at balancing our customer’s desires within the limitations of such complex projects. Call us at (651) 238-6751 to discuss how we can help install new windows for your home.