Including one or more landscaping water features in your home enhances your outdoor living space in several ways. The splashing and sparkling of running water provide both a visual and auditory focal point for your landscaping. Water features also may attract wildlife to your yard by providing a habitat or a place to get a drink. Hummingbirds, for example, enjoy flying through the spray of a fountain, and you can support the survival of honeybees by filling a very shallow container with water and marbles to create a bee watering space.

Splashing water refracts light around the space while a reflecting pond can highlight a striking plant, a statue, the architecture of your home, or some other feature. A koi pond, a reflecting pond, a fountain, or any type of water feature can provide a relaxing place to release stress or a gathering place for family, neighbors, and friends.


When you are contemplating installing a water feature, here are some things to consider:

Water Features Fit Spaces of All Sizes and Styles

An attractive water feature doesn’t necessarily require a lot of room, nor does it have to be a pond. Water features can be free-standing fountains, and these are available in many sizes with many different footprints. A free-standing fountain may have a basin around it that holds water for a pond-like effect, or it may have a pedestal base for a smaller footprint. You will even find water features that mount on walls. Water features like these bring the sound and look of a fountain onto your patio or deck.

Landscaping water features enhance your life with an uplifting presence. They also enhance and complement every architectural and home décor style. Schedule a consultation with us at Norcon Home Solutions by calling us at (651) 238-6751, and we will use our expertise to help you choose the type, size, and style of water feature that is the perfect fit for you and your home.