The first thing that neighbors and visitors see when they come or walk past your home is the entrance and front yard. For your landscape to have a relaxing and welcoming feel, you will need to have the best landscape designs. Giving your home a great look from the outside gives a sense of satisfaction and joy. How you design your landscape tells a lot about your taste and how organized you are. However, making those ideas into an appealing, well-designed landscape is no small task.


To perfectly adapt and turn an idea to reality, you will need a reliable landscaping company. You should be careful when choosing a contractor as they are the people you will entrust in giving your home a new image. They should offer a well-researched plan that is perfect for your area of residence. Your contractor should have enough knowledge of construction with a reputation for honesty and integrity.

A landscape contractor should be able to do the following:

Norcon Home Solutions offers landscape contractor services in Minnesota. With over 23 years of experience in the construction industry, we are the best choice you could hire to change your front yard. We help transform your dreams into a stunning landscape with our qualified and experienced professionals.

Our landscaping services include:

Having the right landscape for your yard does not only give your home an attractive look but also adds to its market value. When investing in a professional landscape contractor, you get both value and efficiency for the investment. Deciding to undertake such a project on your own usually ends up in making comprises due to the difficulty. Don’t settle for less, call us at (651) 238-6751 to speak to one of our representatives and start planning your landscape design today.