If you’re getting ready to build a home in the near future, you’re likely to need a professional to excavate and grade the site in preparation for construction. These tasks may seem like simple, straightforward work, but they actually require highly specialized skills and should only be carried out by experienced professionals. When clearing and leveling a building site, it’s often necessary to avoid underground electrical lines, sewer piping, mature trees and other obstacles, and digging in tightly packed or rocky soil calls for heavy-duty equipment that’s designed for that purpose.

The difference between excavation and grading

Although the terms excavate and grade are sometimes used interchangeably, they represent entirely different processes. Excavation refers to the removal of soil below the existing ground level while grading describes the process of smoothing and leveling the surface of the ground. Excavations are usually limited in size and scope to a single area, but leveling and clearing can take place over most or all of the construction site. Excavation work will be scheduled as needed at various times throughout the construction process.

Grading may be performed all at once before other work begins or in carefully planned phases throughout the project. Small-scale excavations may be performed by hand with a shovel or spade while backhoes, buckets and trenching machines are employed on larger-scale projects. Scrapers and levelers are two commonly used types of equipment that are capable of modifying the grade of a site for construction, drainage and landscaping.

Excavating and grading services are ideal for:

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