How safe is your house? Are there measures for rescue during accidents? Such accidents like fires are common in homes. Sadly, they continue to claim lots of lives yearly. Installing safety measures is an excellent way to prepare for such occurrences.

Egress Windows: Safety Before Anything Else

Egress windows have been used for the longest time to provide an emergency escape during a fire. Climbing up the stairs during a fire could be impossible. These windows located in different areas of your basement could help provide a way out. And that’s not all; egress windows do wonders when it comes to illumination and basement aeration – turning your basement into a little paradise. Apart from the basement, its also a requirement that the bedroom is fitted with such.

The following are the size requirements of the windows as per International Building Codes:

What else should you know?

Decorating the windows without flaunting the above requirements can be a challenge, given they’re also relatively small and installed higher. However, safety comes first. Meeting these requirements will ensure you have an effective escape route. Casement windows would be a great choice—especially ones hanging on hinged slashes swinging free to clear the way and minimize space.

If your house was built before these regulations, its possible your windows do not meet the above conditions. In such a case, a remodel or replacement will suffice. Keep in mind that working on the height might be more demanding than the width – and will require some structural work.

For basement egress windows, since you’re below the ground, extra caution is essential. It’s important there are no obstructions that could trap you outside the window after escaping.  Keep in mind that you or family members will be under a lot of stress during an emergency and therefore it’s crucial that escaping is as effortless as possible.

Final thoughts on egress windows

Egress windows are an important part of a home. Whether for a new home or a remodel, ensuring the presence of this lifesaving feature is vital. Our team of professional installers follow the correct guidelines for compliance and safety. Contact Norcon Home Solutions at (651) 238-6751 for a free window estimate and learn how we can make your home a safe enivornment for you and your loved ones.