Brick pavers are an excellent choice for enhancing patios, upgrading outdoor kitchens and creating attractive, functional driveways and walkways. Pavers are manufactured in a nearly limitless array of colors and textures and can be found in square, rectangular, round and irregular shapes. Paver sizes generally vary from 6 inches to 10 inches in length with larger sizes available for specific applications. They can be styled to simulate the look of natural stone, traditional bricks, adobe tiles and a wide range of other materials and can convey the appearance of a newly laid surface or take on an aged, vintage look.

Choosing a brick paver style

Paver styles may be mixed and matched for visual interest or installed in a single solid color or type to suit their location and to accommodate the tastes of the property owner. Brick pavers are made from naturally occurring materials and are an environmentally friendly product choice that’s acceptable for use in almost any area. Buyers can pick between traditional solid pavers and porous types that allow rainwater to pass directly through them instead of running off and contributing to potentially hazardous flooding and stormwater damage. Specially designed reinforcing pavers that prevent soil and gravel erosion are also available for use on low-traffic roadways.

Norcon Home Solutions is equipped to provide a full complement of brick paver construction services for local home and business owners. Our menu of expertise isn’t just limited to installing simple brick paver patios.

We’re also skilled at constructing the following types of surfaces using pavers:

Our dependable team has a history of service in this region that goes back more than two decades, and we partner with some of the leading manufacturers of concrete pavers to offer local property owners a wide selection of premium products and services. We gladly tackle all the hard work so that our clients can enjoy relaxing and entertaining in the beautiful, easy-to-maintain outdoor living areas that we’ve created to their specifications.

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