As the name would suggest, hardscaping is the portion of a landscaping scheme that makes use of durable elements to complement foliage, boost visual interest and create comfortable spaces for outdoor living and entertaining. A well-executed landscaping plan will often incorporate hardscape components to encourage relaxation and enjoyment of the great outdoors in a safe, clean and easy-to-maintain environment. Attractive landscaping is always an excellent way to increase property values while personalizing and enhancing a dull, uninspiring yard.

Hardscaping may also be employed to promote drainage in spots that are constantly wet and to improve access to areas of a property that would otherwise be unusable. Hardscape features make use of gravel, wood, natural stone, manmade pavers, decorative concrete and other types of materials that are specially chosen to complement the architectural style of nearby structures as well as the natural surroundings.


Block retaining walls are one type of hardscape feature that may be purely ornamental or serve a practical purpose. One or more retaining walls can be installed to break up a slope into a system of terraces that slow down stormwater runoff. These same terraces could also be used to create a series of level areas for planting flowers or a vegetable garden.

The retaining walls themselves may be topped with solid blocks for use as outdoor seating or filled with gravel to permit infiltration of rainwater. Block retaining walls are just one element that can be incorporated into a comprehensive hardscape plan.

Other popular types of hardscaping include:

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